My Massage in Leesburg

getting a well earned massage

So yesterday I was visiting a friend in Leesburg and I just felt super run down. That's when she suggested that we should just spend half a day at … [Continue reading]

Pregnancy Concerns after Thirty-five

pregnancy after 35 years old

With the desire to become established in a career, many women have put off having children. In fact, some women have waited until well after … [Continue reading]

Male Fertility Tests – What Are They?

infertility in men

Despite the fact that many people still are inclined to view infertility as the woman’s problem, roughly one third of infertile couples battle to get … [Continue reading]

Adopt a star – Seriously!

adopting a star

My husband and I decided we wanted to do something really special for the date of our babies birth. We wanted to give her something that would be … [Continue reading]

Some Early Signs Of Pregnancy That You Need To Know About

signs of pregnancy

The signs that indicate you could be pregnant can be prevalent while some are not so easy to recognize. You should keep in mind that not all … [Continue reading]