My Massage in Leesburg

getting a well earned massageSo yesterday I was visiting a friend in Leesburg and I just felt super run down.

That’s when she suggested that we should just spend half a day at a spa and just relax.

To be honest I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day with my best friend. Or any friend for that matter.

So I took her up on it right away and we were lucky enough to be able to get in the same day.

On we got there we were greeted nicely and asked to sit down and pick out what fragrances we wanted in the oil that the masseuse would use to massage us.

I chose peppermint oil.

I just like the slight burning sensation of it especially well getting a massage. And it’s been a long time! I’ve almost forgotten the feeling.

I ended up getting a Swedish massage. It really is just so therapeutic.

Within 10 minutes of the massage starting I was already feeling so much more relaxed and calm.

A feeling I just don’t always get home with kids running around screaming all the time. I’m sure if your a mommy too you totally understand what I’m saying here.

That’s one of the reasons why decided to write this post. I wanted to kind of get you jealous and put the idea of a relaxing massage in your head so that hopefully you will end up getting out for even in our and booking your own spot appointments.

I’m serious, it’s the difference between day and night on how you feel.

After the massage, which was really awesome, I did feel a bit sore and tired. At the masseuse told me that this was normal and that the next day I would feel a whole lot better.

And she was really right!

I woke up with so much energy and in such a great mood that I made everybody pancakes and the kids got to school on time. No small feat for me!

If I get a massage even twice a week I can just imagine how much my entire life would change. How much happier I would be. How much more energy I would have. And how much better I would probably look due to the low stress levels and better blood circulation.

But for now a day at the spa is a treat for me.

But I have already hinted to the husband that if he doesn’t have any good ideas for my birthday that a gift certificate with more than make up for any gift he could ever give me.

And I really mean that. I would much rather have a massage that coffee mug with worlds best mom printed on it.

Now stop reading and grab your phone and book yourself and appointment and treat yourself to a really nice massage. I guarantee you will not regret it!

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