Male Fertility Tests – What Are They?

Despite the fact that many people still are inclined to view infertility as the woman’s problem, roughly one third of infertile couples battle to get pregnant because of the ‘male factor’, and in a small percentage of couples both the man and the woman have infertility issues. While your lady will need to undergo some testing to see precisely where the problem lies, you will … [Read more...]

Some Early Signs Of Pregnancy That You Need To Know About

The signs that indicate you could be pregnant can be prevalent while some are not so easy to recognize. You should keep in mind that not all symptoms of being pregnant are the same for every woman. While many women experienced every little early signs of pregnancy, some women experienced none. What are the early signs of pregnancy that you might be having? The most … [Read more...]

Exercise During Pregnancy – Take Care Of Yourself AND Your Baby!

Gaining weight is something that is just a part of being pregnant. Gaining weight is pretty easy when you are eating for two. Now that your baby has been born, however, you probably want to start shedding pounds as quickly as possible. You are probably desperate to get your old figure back. The good news is that this article contains hints to help you get your figure back … [Read more...]

Chinese Pregnancy Superstitions and Taboos

Label me superstitious but when it comes to pregnancy, I found myself being extra wary of superstitions and taboos even after my first child was born. Lots of people say I’m old fashioned, that these old-wives tales are bogus and cause you unnecessary worries. So why bother! I hate to say this but speaking from personal experience, minor plumbing work was carried out to … [Read more...]