Reasons for a Missed Period in Women

Why Did I Miss My Period? Most women have about 11 to 13 menstrual periods every year, give or take a few, and many women tend to average out at about one period per month, so it’s important to understand the reasons for missed periods. A missed period is often a cause of stress and worry in girls and women, particularly because reasons for missed periods often include one … [Read more...]

menstruation cycle

The menstruation cycle is a regular cycle that a woman’s body experiences in order to prepare the body for pregnancy. Most women have about 11 to 13 menstruation cycles each year, which usually averages out to about one menstruation cycle per month. The Menstruation Cycle in Women During the menstruation cycle, a woman’s body sheds the lining of the uterus called the … [Read more...]

Is It Normal to Have Irregular Periods After Pregnancy?

Irregular periods after pregnancy are a common experience reported by women who have become pregnant. The menstrual cycle occurs in order to prepare a woman’s body for pregnancy. During this cycle, the uterus becomes lined and prepared for a fertilized egg, and the woman’s ovaries release an egg. When the egg is not fertilized through contact with a male’s sperm, the … [Read more...]

Irregular Periods & Why You Get Them

Irregular Periods and Why You Get Them Irregular periods are something many of us experience during at least one point in our lives. When we talk about irregular periods, we are talking about several different symptoms. One, when your period is skipping or infrequent. For example, if you typically have a period once every month, but after one period in February, there is no … [Read more...]