Building and Remodeling Means Making Some Decisions

Quite often a new addition may have to be added to your home. The decision has to be made whether you want to build an addition on or whether you want to remodel an existing room.There are many factors that you need to take into consideration when you are trying to make this decision.The first thing you have to figure out is if your project going to be less expensive if … [Read more...]

Brighten Up Your House

So I was looking around the house the other day and I realized that it really felt a bit drab. You know, like "darkish" or "cavey" dark. It just didn't feel like the fresh and light house I wanted my kids to be growing up in.So I figured why not brighten it up a bit and make it more inviting?I mean it isn’t too hard to paint moldings and window surrounds in a … [Read more...]

My Massage in Leesburg

So yesterday I was visiting a friend in Leesburg and I just felt super run down.That's when she suggested that we should just spend half a day at a spa and just relax.To be honest I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day with my best friend. Or any friend for that matter.So I took her up on it right away and we were lucky enough to be able to get in the … [Read more...]